I first had my 'colours done' seven years ago. I had worn mainly black, silver jewellery and usually the same styles and make up. It was a shock to be told I shouldn't wear black and that my wardrobe didn't work for me! I couldn't afford to replace everything but quickly worked out how a couple of new items and accessories could make a big difference. So I began experimenting and loved the transformation in my appearance. I no longer looked washed out from the wrong colours and felt confident. Amazingly everything went together too! 

Life changes often alter the way you dress as you have to adapt to practical challenges and the impression you make on people. Starting a new family, a new job, recovering from illness, break up of a relationship all have an impact on your confidence. For me it meant no more silk after babies to wanting to look and feel more professional when I got promoted. Knowing my colours helped me deal with these changes ensuring that, despite no sleep and the ups and downs of life, I felt I was looking my best at work and elsewhere. 

I decided to train with Colour Me Beautiful to be a colour analyst as it is something I would often find myself talking about! It is thrilling to see people recognise what colours work and leave feeling happy and excited with a new confidence in their image.

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